The Néo enclosure from Azenco is available in three different heights, 18, 30 and 50 cm. The number tells the height of the smallest module.

The enclosures structure is made of aluminum and the roofing is UV-protected polycarbonate. The roof, front and back panels are made of 8 mm polycarbonate, while the side is made of 4 mm clear polycarbonate to give a better sight at the view.
The Néo enclosure has a vent in the front and back panels.

The enclosures weight limit is 45kg/m2.

The Néo enclosure is available in two standard colors, dark grey (RAL 7016) and light grey (RAL 7037). Other colors are available at extra cost.

It's possible to install a sliding door to this enclosure. The sliding door moves upward inside the enclosure and doesn't need any extra space.

The Néo enclosure is a custom made product.