Pool enclosures

Pool enclosures reduces water contamination and evaporation of both heat and water. While using pool enclosures the pool remains cleaner and therefore the use of pool chemicals is reduced. The reduced evaporation of both heat and water can extend the swimming season by up to two months.

The pool enclosure prevents children and pets from falling into the water. Thanks to the enclosure the water temperature increases by about 8 degrees. A sturdy enclosure also serves as a winter cover for your pool.

In our selection you'll find Albixons pool enclosures. The structure are made of aluminium and the roofing is either polycarbonate or safety glass. The enclosures moves on rails and allow you to use the whole pool when the enclosure is moved to the side. It's possible to add a side or end door to the enclosure so you'll be able to use the pool while the enclosure is on.

The enclosures can be ordered as assembled or pre-assembled. Albixions pool enclosures are available in standard sizes and in custom size.
Check out our selection or contact us and will find the perfect enclosure for you!